Volunteers at the Latvian Save the Children central office can offer consultations regarding which government institutions one can turn to in cases of child rights violations, and where to find medical, as well as judicial help and advice. We ask that you call from a landline.

Consultations are offered in those cases, when people have been unable to receive the necessary information or support from any of the respective official institutions.

Official state institutions:
State child trust hotline: (+371) 116111
State child rights protection inspection: (+371)  67359128
Local orphans’ court: for phone by city, click here

Latvian Save the Children:
Support hotline: (+371) 67315307
In cases of emergency: (+371) 29131311
If you are unable to reach us by phone, write to: glabietbernus@inbox.lv

What do people ask us?
Children, as well as adults turn to us with a wide variety of questions, including: how they should act in certain situations, how they can help others, and who they should turn to to take action.



Ģertrūdes street 19/21
Rīga LV1011, Latvia
Tel. (+371) 67315298; 67315307.
In case of emergency: 29131311
e-mail: glabietbernus@inbox.lv

! Consultations over the Support hotline are offered in cases when people have been unable to receive the requested information or support from any of the official governmental institutions. Their contact information can be found here.